CircuitSyn Technologies was formed to provide information technology services across multiple spectrum’s including areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.) Technology has evolved and evoked multiple verticals across a myriad industries. We no longer find a single skill set, trade, task, or occupation that is not touched by technology. CircuitSyn Technologies bridges the gap between the technical and beginner. Whether it is educational services, curriculum, product or partnership; no task is too tall.





The founder of CircuitSyn Technologies has an academic background in Engineering and Biology, performed as the Chief Technology Officer in distribution, serves on the Board of Staten Island MakerSpace, and practices cross fields in technology on a daily basis. Jarred is also an award winning photographer combing his broad breadth of knowledge to build and design great products as well as leading teams toward a common goal. He also serves in Intels IoT Developer program as well as fulfilling duties as a contractor to major startups and corporations across the country.

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